Sewing Tomorrow YAY !!!!

I am excited to be sewing tomorrow.
I will be making Bradley’s Halloween costume.

It is all cut out and ready to sew.

I made one of these 8+ years ago for granddaughter


baby pics_001

I am hoping that

the house will be quiet….


maybe I will stay up when I get up to pee

oh well

that is the plan and I am looking forward to sewing.

The one I have cut out is

gray suede cloth fabric with

white twinkle tusks and toenails


hilarious that the “proof reader” on word press

didn’t recognize the word ” sew”


Here I Am Again !!!

I am feeding Bradley right now.
I walked 6x around the back and
I have had 4 and 1/2 bottles of water so far…
I washed my hair and
I am not wearing my “cartoon outfit” right now.
Since it is cooler today
I am wearing one of my 3x hoodies and my brown pants.
I have it zipped up and I even have
a little bit of extra room in it !!!
I had banana bread and grapes for breakfast
this morning.
Feeling inspired !!!

Just Checking In…..

I am still doing Seattle Sutton.
It is 5 months on the 14th
that I started.
My last weigh in on Monday this week
showed a 50 pound
total loss so far !!!
I am so excited …
I am practically floating in my clothes.
My family does not find it amusing that
I continue to dress in
“cartoon garb”
No one ever yells at Minnie Mouse for wearing
the same thing
yet she is adorable.
Oh well…
I just thought I would check in to see if
anyone still stopped by.

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