Dinner Tonight


– A chicken breast with

simply delicious basil cheese sauce

served with vegetables and

parsleyed potatoes.

It was actually pretty tasty :)

I was really hungry too !!!

Today was very relaxing and a nice day.

I was searching for alternatives for file storage in ” the cloud “.

I came up with Crashplan.

I want something that I can have access to all of my stuff

but that doesn’t load up my hard drive.

I have my external hard drive

which is lovely


I want it available

any where I choose to roam.


I never go any where



ya never know and

I want to be ready.

My files, all 436,347 of them

have been downloading all day so far….


we are talking 373.9 GB of stuff


It will take 5 and 1/2 days

to get it all in there.

It is $5.99 a month.

That is a bargain since it is unlimited storage.

Sky Drive is a lot more expensive than that !!!


Jon wants to combine a  recorded song

that he did

with pictures.

He is afraid to ask you to help him.

Can you recommend

a program or something ???

an app on Chrome would be ideal

They Didn’t Even Take A Picture Of This…..

It’s not my favorite

but I am trying to have a better attitude about

the disgusting delicious meals

that I get to eat



– Veggie meatballs with marinara sauce

and mozzarella/provolone cheese served on a whole wheat bun.

Served with a fresh arugula salad

topped with cherry tomatoes

and apple vinaigrette.

Sewing Tomorrow YAY !!!!

I am excited to be sewing tomorrow.
I will be making Bradley’s Halloween costume.

It is all cut out and ready to sew.

I made one of these 8+ years ago for granddaughter


baby pics_001

I am hoping that

the house will be quiet….


maybe I will stay up when I get up to pee

oh well

that is the plan and I am looking forward to sewing.

The one I have cut out is

gray suede cloth fabric with

white twinkle tusks and toenails


hilarious that the “proof reader” on word press

didn’t recognize the word ” sew”


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