Feelin’ Groovy :)

Second day…

I had my shower last night at 9pm

and I started the laundry.

I did my face and brushed my teeth.

This morning, Becky and Bradley came upstairs at 5am

which is when my first alarm goes off.

I got up and turned on the coffee maker and put the clothes in the dryer


and I thought to myself….

no biggie,

I have had my shower, I am dressed…

all I really need to do is wash my face and put on my makeup.

Which I did =P

I folded my clean clothes at 630 am and put them away .

I am ready for the day….

I feel really good about that.

I almost bailed on my shower last night, but I kept remembering

how good I felt in the morning and so I followed through.

I hope and pray that I can continue on…..

It’s hard because if I get mad. sad. angry. frustrated. pouty, etc, etc…..

I dig in my heels and do a big old silent scream and


guess who gets punished ???



I am definitely a work in progress LOL



Last night I decided I would try the ” take a shower after everyone has gone to bed ” idea. It worked wonderfully !!! I even started my laundry and popped it in the dryer this morning at 5:30 am when I got up :) YAY !!! I brushed my teeth last night and slept like a champ !!! I would have said ” slept like a baby ” but baby Bradley doesn’t sleep so well at night !!! Anyway, I penciled out a schedule of what I had done and I am looking forward to tonight . I washed my hair in the bathroom sink, which I really like doing. It seems quicker and I feel like I have more control since I am just gliding the hose over my scalp. I washed my face and even put on makeup !!! I am still in my pj’s which I know I need to fix, but I really think that I am onto something !!! :) Yes, I do realize what an anal dork I am :) Bradley and Papa and Gramma Gramma are all napping right now and it is ever so lovely. I feel as though I was available for Becky and Bradley and everyone else and yet, I was still feeling good about taking care of me too. I know that I should learn to be more flexible and less “all or nothing”. I will work on that too but first things first !!! I had an tasty lunch:


- A well seasoned vegetarian soup

simmered to perfection

and served with

tuna salad

on delicious flatbread.


I am starting to enjoy my meals a little more.


I Lost One Pound …..

This makes 63 pounds all together. I am a little disappointed but I know it is because of the “fractions” that I never count. I always just look at the whole number. It’s fine and I am still hanging in there :) Honestly, I feel so much better than I did before, that , that alone will make me think long and hard if I should be REALLY tempted to bail. For me, it’s like smoking. I know that if I were to have just one cigarette, I would start smoking again. I am certain the same would hold true if I were to “cheat” on my “diet”. Therefore, I will continue on because I know that I will be successful in getting to my goal if I do .

I am also having issues with my perpetual dilemma of not bathing. Oh if I could only put myself first, the way everyone else in this household does. I am thinking that the very best time for me is going to be after everyone else goes to bed. I have considered this before, but honestly by then, I am so happy to be able to be able to watch what I want on tv, that I forget about my shower….. which leaves me in a constant state of pu. What to do…. what to do . I had planned on showering this morning when Sandra got here but Gary left to “visit the boys” and Becky is asleep on the couch. She needs her sleep or she is not as patient as she needs to be with baby. Bradley and I are hanging out and watching Sprout. He had some oatmeal and is playing in his high chair now. I am sitting here itching because I had a hair trim yesterday and I am wearing my same clothes. blah blah…. anyway, Bradley dropped his stuff…..again so I will close now. Have a great day !!! XOXOXOX

Dinner Tonight


- A chicken breast with

simply delicious basil cheese sauce

served with vegetables and

parsleyed potatoes.

It was actually pretty tasty :)

I was really hungry too !!!

Today was very relaxing and a nice day.

I was searching for alternatives for file storage in ” the cloud “.

I came up with Crashplan.

I want something that I can have access to all of my stuff

but that doesn’t load up my hard drive.

I have my external hard drive

which is lovely


I want it available

any where I choose to roam.


I never go any where



ya never know and

I want to be ready.

My files, all 436,347 of them

have been downloading all day so far….


we are talking 373.9 GB of stuff


It will take 5 and 1/2 days

to get it all in there.

It is $5.99 a month.

That is a bargain since it is unlimited storage.

Sky Drive is a lot more expensive than that !!!


Jon wants to combine a  recorded song

that he did

with pictures.

He is afraid to ask you to help him.

Can you recommend

a program or something ???

an app on Chrome would be ideal

They Didn’t Even Take A Picture Of This…..

It’s not my favorite

but I am trying to have a better attitude about

the disgusting delicious meals

that I get to eat



- Veggie meatballs with marinara sauce

and mozzarella/provolone cheese served on a whole wheat bun.

Served with a fresh arugula salad

topped with cherry tomatoes

and apple vinaigrette.

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